7 Selfies That We Hope Make Kim Kardashian’s Selfie Book – Mtv

While she was there, she took a selfie with Donatella Versace. If thats not book-worthy, I dont know what is. This was also a big fashion moment for Kim because she wore a form-fitting floral gown by Riccardo Tisci with attached gloves and matching shoes. It was a love/hate outfit. 3. The post-pregnancy body swimsuit selfie that rocked the world This was the selfie that launched a thousand thinkpieces, site as cultural critics tried to grapple with the sheer magnificence of Kims derriere.

Versus to Reveal Hot Timepiece Trends at WWD Magic Show Las Vegas August 18-20 – Yahoo Finance

And when you examine the timepieces they definitely have that rebellious and youthful attitude of a younger sibling. Kari Allen, President of Versace Timepieces USA, notes that the WWD Magic show is a perfect showcase for Versus. “When buyers want to know what’s next in timepieces for fashionistas, they come to Versus,” she says. “They are conceived for the man and woman with style and taste who want to make a statement.” The Versus Globe collection for men stands out by going against the grain. While watch diameters gorden merah have been sizing down lately, the Globe watches defiantly announce themselves with a 50 mm diameter that transcends trend.


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