Medical Marijuana Support High Ahead Of Florida Vote – Yahoo News

Done Medical marijuana support high ahead of Florida vote 1 hour ago . View photo Medical marijuana is displayed in glass jars at Los Angeles’ first-ever cannabis farmer’s market on July 4, 2014 (AFP Photo/Frederic J. Brown) Miami (AFP) – Support for legalizing medical marijuana in Florida gathered steam ahead of a November referendum, with a poll out Monday showing 88 percent in favor of the measure. Only 10 percent of residents opposed legalization, the survey by Quinnipiac University found. Floridians across all age ranges and genders, as well as both Democrats and Republicans, polled more in favor than against legalization, it said. Florida took a preliminary step in that direction in May when the state legislature allowed a variety of marijuana called “Charlotte’s web,” which contains a minimal amount of the drug’s main psychoactive substance, to be used to treat diseases like epilepsy and cancer.

Oldest Medical Report of Near-Death Experience Discovered – Yahoo News

Additional plans for the future include Microsoft Lync for Unified Communications, as the institution believes that its new wireless infrastructure will enable it to move away from expensive investments in telecommunications and voice products. Said Rohrer, Weve had all of these differing needs that we had to consider as we designed our network, and with Aruba, weve been able to bring them all together into a single network that serves all of our users. As we move forward, Im certain that well continue to see more users, more devices and applications and, therefore, more challenges. We feel confident that our new Aruba infrastructure will help us face these challenges head on. About Aruba Networks, Inc.

University of Miami and UHealth Standardize on Aruba Wi-Fi Across All Campuses and Medical Facilities – Yahoo Finance

Charlier compared the nearly 250-year-old description with today’s “Greyson criteria,” which is a scale that a psychiatrist developed in the 1980s to measure the depth of people’s near-death experiences, so that these cases could be uniformly studied. The scale includes questions about the perceptions people report during near-death experiences, for example altered sense of time, life review and feelings of joy. A score of 7 or higher out of a possible 32 is classified as a near-death experience.

Varian Medical Systems’ FullScale(TM) Oncology IT Data Hosting Solution Brings the

including Rocky Mountain Oncology Center in Wyoming, OncoLogics in Louisiana, Laurel Cancer Care in Mississippi, Community Cancer Center of North Florida and South Georgia Center for Cancer Care, recently became the latest multisite network of treatment centers to contract with Varian Medical Systems (NYSE: VAR) for a system-wide deployment of Varian’s FullScale oncology information technology (IT) solution. By accessing this service, e+CancerCare personnel can focus more on treatment, and leave the IT operations to Varian. FullScale deployments take advantage of virtualization and cloud technologies to deploy Varian softwareboth the ARIA oncology information system and Eclipse treatment planningcentrally, in a way that is flexible, scalable, and widely accessible. Varian is showcasing these services at the 2014 annual American Association of Physicists in Medicine meeting taking place here this week. “FullScale services are designed to support mission-critical, complex oncology systems,” said Ken Khouri, Varian’s director of software support and managed services. “It offers cancer treatment centers enterprise-grade business continuity and data security, a guaranteed level of uptime performance, and the flexibility to expand operations easily. The service covers server and networking hardware maintenance, software asset management, system monitoring, virus protection, system upgrades, data backup and protection, security, and many other crucial functions. Our FullScale customers require very little onsite IT support because Varian takes care of these activities for them.” Vantage Oncology, a network of over 60 oncology centers, most of which use ARIA software to manage clinical and treatment processes, worked with Varian to set up a cloud-based FullScale deployment using a hub and spoke model. “Ultimately we’ll have four major database hubs, with the remaining treatment centers all plugged in like spokes of a wheel,” said Cathy Moore, director of clinical operations. “The reasons are cost savings and ease of ongoing maintenance. We’ll be managing four databases instead of 48. Although the initial set-up, configuration, and implementation require a certain amount of up-front work, it is a no-brainer when it comes to upgrading with new software releases.” Moore says that, as the overall project manager for the FullScale deployment, as well as the head of the team responsible for electronic medical record (EMR) standardization, training, making configuration changes and developing “meaningful use” processes for use across the entire network, having the IT infrastructure in the cloud is simplifying her job. “There’s a huge time savings, when you’re doing ongoing maintenance, configuration, and support,” she said. “It’s a secure, private network, and the access is amazing. Everyone, including the physicians, can access the system from anywhere, anytime.” As a regional cancer center that operates from a single site, White Plains Hospital in New York is a different kind of treatment setting. According to Henry J. Lee, M.D., Ph.D. and Randy Stevens, M.D., the benefits were immediate when Varian completed a FullScale deployment at the hospital two months ago. “Like all cancer centers, we are faced with the need to constantly upgrade our capabilities based on technology advances,” Dr.


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